a1 The ABC Mini Apt Signature

Tower 7 signature mini apartmentteam5
The Mini Signature has a similar floor plan with a huge window with a lot of light to revive a weary traveler.

But this is a younger person’s space and this is someone who perhaps after his day's work is more interested in continuing on into the evening.

It is a place to perhaps bring friends and under the flat panel TV, there is a long mantel which can double as a bar.

The wardrobe is smaller as this is a place only for a moment before we go out again.

The bathroom is somewhat small but has a large comfortable shower and sink with enough room to share.

A small multifunctional table sits next to the window and serves as a desk for your laptop or as a quiet place for a late meal overlooking the city.



This is a place where  "decisions are made"



The Mini Ultimate was built to be leased to company executives or embassies for their people when they travel. The lighting here is more subtle and the interior is more like a five-star hotel.

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