Superyacht Vitality exteriorteam5TFotiadis design creates superyachts that have user friendly luxury spaces and can truly be enjoyed.

Designed with a subtle, natural pallet of colors, the superyacht Vitality, unlike traditional superyacht design, has only big windows and an abundance of space.

Forward and aft facing decks have generously large windows and relaxation areas with multiple pools and all round visibility.

Semi glass bulwarks gives a sense of freedom and the lower deck is a lifestyle oasis complete with a gym, a 12m x 4m indoor pool and the large sliding doors open revealing an enormous swim platform.

Arrive in your helicopter on the bow and in a minute, a closed living room suddenly opens to become one with the exterior.

No more cramped spaces; only security, luxury and comfort. Here the freedom of the sea can be felt and enjoyed.



Superyacht Vitality: "Originally revealed in 2015"

 Vitality boasts clean exterior lines and a multitude of exterior spaces.
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Accommodation is for 18 guests and 22 crewmembers with a total interior space of 5,180GT giving plenty of room to spread out and relax.

Key features include a superyacht helipad on the foredeck, with room for eight sunloungers nearby. A further eight sunloungers would be laid out on the aft deck around the large superyacht swimming pool.




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