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The silhouette of this boat inspired by it’s bigger cousin, the 65 meter aluminum alloy axe bow, sports a new layout and impressive performance.

While providing luxurious and uniquely spacious accommodations for up to 10 guests, the vessel has been designed to reach a top speed of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 14.

At the same time, the connection to the sea has been enhanced by moving the master suit to the lower deck giving the owner a closer proximity to the sea and 270 degree views.

With the comfortable guest suites segregated to the upper decks, the entire aft platform is a private, open air waterfront space, available for a dip or a breakfast at sea level.

This lower position also adds stability as well as enhancing one’s connection to the environment.

A combination of power and tasteful bespoke appointments; it's about relaxing and enjoying the experience.


A combination of power and tasteful bespoke appointments "65m Axe Bow"


The 65m T. Fotiadis motor yacht concept is a striking aluminium alloy vessel, providing luxuriously appointed accommodation to up to 12 guests.

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